About the film

Directed by Liam Nolan and Ross Whitaker. Released 2008. Running time 81 mins.

This observational documentary interweaves the roller-coaster fortunes of three young boxers over an 18-month period as they strive to make the most of their lives, both inside and outside of the ring. The film follows Abdul, an asylum seeker from Ghana, whose toughest fight lies outside the ring as he battles to stay in Ireland. Dean, a local lad from the flats fights to overcome injury in order to fulfill his goal of winning an Olympic gold. And Darren, a young man of Irish-Caribbean parentage and the club’s best talent, struggles to choose between boxing and his university studies. As they make their personal journeys, they are coaxed and cajoled by the canny coaches of what is perhaps Ireland’s most famous amateur boxing gym; St. Saviour’s Olympic Boxing Academy. The club defiantly continues to stand slap-bang in the middle of the council flats on Dorset Street, one of the toughest neighbourhoods in Ireland.

While we follow the problematic lives of our main three characters, we also return to the club intermittently to hear what the club’s colourful coaches think of each development. The wise heads have seen it all before and they’ll surely see it again.

SAVIOURS paints a vividly candid portrait of a small inner city boxing club and the lives of three of its young boxers as they strive to fulfill their ambitions in life.



Ringside roundup

**Winner** International Film Festival South Africa 2008

**Winner** Waterford Film Festival 2007

**Winner** Mama Award

**Official Selection** SXSW Festival 2008, Boston Independent Film Festival 2008, Chicago Irish Film Festival 2008 and San Francisco Irish Film Festival 2009

"Top 100 Irish films of all time" Sunday Times 2012

"Best Irish film of the year" Sunday Tribune 2008

"Packs as much punch as Champ, Raging Bull and all the Rocky films put together" Irish Times

"Saviours is a small miracle, this year's Once" Hot Press

"Fighting talk - this new Irish film packs a punch" Irish Independent

"Ireland's answer to Million Dollar Baby" Irish Daily Mail

"Gem you don't want to miss" Irish Independent

"Inspiring, packed with personality, a winner" Sunday World

"A natural and startling honest portrayal" Film Ireland